Miami Corporate Video Production

Plum Productions serves all of South Florida, including Miami. One example is how we helped a Miami construction company show the work they did in Pembroke Pines and the Miami area. Two projects, both very different with the same message: No matter what the project, we can handle it. The crew at each location was amazing in what they shared and what they did. You won’t believe this first one…they needed to demolish and reconstruct the inside of a restaurant. That’s not the hard part. They needed to do it in 2 weeks! Two weeks! Want to see the video we created with them to show off their impressive work? Here it is…

The other project we were able to help promote with is a location in Miami Beach. Miami Beach is quickly becoming a growing area and retailers are trying to get in before its too late! While this one isn’t a retail product informational video, you can see how a retailer could easily promote their work using some of this video. Instead, this construction company had several challenges they had to deal with to make sure this project completed on time and in scope. Here’s a peek into the project with more interviews with their team.

Whether you have a need for a testimonial video, product video, location tour, or an about us video that will stand out from the rest, we can help! Give us a call today!

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