When Video Speaks for Itself

Let’s face it: It’s not often that we get to create a piece on a subject matter so visually amazing that we can let the video speak for itself.  Here’s the story of Robert Wick, a bronze sculptor who draws inspiration from his surroundings in the remote desert of Arizona. This video features classic editing: virtually no graphics, no fancy tricks, just the sights and sounds of Robert at work.  Imaging being there, in the desert viewing his artwork. The attention to detail and the intricate work he does to put his masterpiece to the test of time. This included an interview and some voice over to capture the story of why he works with bronze and how he finds it’s flexibility easier to work with.

If you’re an artist and want to highlight your work, what better way than via a video that tells your story. What makes an artist good enough to warrant a video? Several things. For starters, having work on display for the public provides viewers a sense of awe. When you visit this location, you’ll find you’re in nature.

Sit back and take a break from your busy workday with this one!

OR Click here: Robert Wick, Plum Productions

New Ideas for Generating Revenue with Video

At Plum Productions, we always pride ourselves on being able to show our clients how videos can help them gain visibility and enhance their marketing strategy.  However, once in a while, one of our clients will surprise us with a new concept.  Recently, a particularly inventive entreprenuer had an idea to help generate revenue, but he needed our help. This man’s business is a consulting firm, and he his clientele is spread across the country. He “meets” with them over the phone, but wanted to also offer an added service.  That’s where Plum Productions came in. We’re shooting ten minute educational and motivational videos that he distributes to his clients every week.  So, while he still gives them personalized weekly consultations, they’re also getting the added value of the educational videos and corresponding exercises.   It’s as if he’s spending more time with every client every week, but without actually having to work longer hours. We love this idea!  How can you use video to give your existing clients added value without stretching your own schedule?  Food for thought. The Plum Productions Team  

Welcome to Our New Website!

You may have noticed our website has undergone a big makeover!  Our new new site does more than just show you samples of our work:  we want you to be inspired and excited to add video to your marketing plan. Let us point out a few new site features that are specifically designed for you:

First, visit our Solutions page, specially designed to help you identify the type of project that will meet your needs, and shows your examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Next, click on “Why Video” under the Solutions tab.  Learn how video can help potential customers find you, and help you convert them into clients.

Last, but not least, keep checking back to this Blog for more creative ideas, updated information and recent Plum Projects. Do you like the new site?  We’d love to hear from you.

The Plum Productions Team