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Get Inspired.

Different businesses need different types of videos. Find out which kind will work best for you.
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What We Do.

Plum Productions delivers production services from concept to completion.
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Who We Are.

The Plum Productions team is professionally trained in the art and skill of video production. No hobbyists here.
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How You Grow.

Simply put, video helps customers find you. See How.
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Our Happy Customers

Video is Essential to Your Business.

Gone are the days when having just a website was enough to grow your business. Video is necessary for your company’s online presence. From improved SEO to a more interactive site visitor experience, website video is standard for any modern, successful enterprise. Learn More

Video has Value.

The value of video production is its versatility. One video can be used in a variety of ways, from boosting your SEO, to commercial broadcasting to a sales presentation. Plum Productions will show you how to get the most use out of your project. Learn More

Any Business Can Benefit.

At Plum Productions, we’ve worked with clients of every size and from a variety of industries. From high tech, to startups to nonprofits, all of our clients gain value from their video projects. Our firm’s structure is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of any size or type of business, and we bring creative solutions to every challenge. Learn More